learning architecture

if everything [in ur architecture] mean something then there will be no room [for people] to think.

keith kaseman in interview of his september 11 pentagon, DC memorial design project


architecture and violence

1. there is no architecture without action, no architecture without events, no architecture without program.
2. by extension, there is no architecture without violence.

A theory of architecture is a theory of order threathened by the very use it permits. and vice versa.

from 'architecture of violence' by Bernard Tschumi, 1981


pablo's birthday

francesca from rome and pablo from mexico

pietro from milan's clock
alberto from milan just arrived in new york 2 days ago

photography-spring 2008

image of my life (3)
takhte soleiman, azarbayjun, Iran

summer studio midterm review

turn on speakers

project: musuem of new york city

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mark rakatansky - aad summer studio

architcture is not supposed to solve the problem in the building, but to demonstrate it.


Arch: Museum of NYC

this is my first exprience in making movie with 3D max.

turn on speakers(:D) music:matrix 2