هاله های نور کمبریج

an old lady with a puppy came to me today while i was sitting on a chair in the sun on a happy side walk in cambridge browsing with my iphone. she told me that she wants me to see what she has found on the sidewalk.i live at central sq in Cambridge where encountering crazy people is a pretty much normal scene so thought she is crazy too. still, I decided to be patient and listen to her as she was jabbering. suddenly she took an iphone out of her pocket and told me that probably i know what that is because I am holding one also! locked iphone was dropped on sidewalk. She initially thought there is a way for me to contact the owner. I patiently explained to her that there is a way that he/she would be able to track the iphone and come to us but it is easier to give it to the coffee shop next door. it is easier to find. she seemed far more intelligent than I thought she is. almost picked up all my technical comments about tracking application and other stuff. I left the phone with coffee shop manager.