tired of ignorance

I feel pity for those who dream of change at night and wake up the next morning doing what they have been doing all their life.


the graduate 2

ax: hamed aali
empire state building in white and blue, celebrating columbia students graduation!

ax: hamed aali
ax: hamed aali
ax: hamed aali
Bollinger, president of columbia university giving his speech-photo: hamed aali

photo: h.khodabakhsh
photo: hamed aali
photo: hamed aali

the graduate

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One minute thought in Architecture

one minute movie of some of my work at columbia
based on the mega-tecture argument

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first movie exprience: PALIMPSEST

Pal.imp.sest [pal-imp-sest]:
the accumulated iterations of a design or a site, whether in literal layers of archaeological remains, or by the figurative accumulation and reinforcement of design ideas over time.

Sam Ekwurtzel

Sina Mesdaghi
Megan Quinn
Matt Voss

Adapted from Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo
Original soundtrack by Bernard Herrmann


about elly

I keep thinking about the final scene in About Elly. The car is stuck in the sand and they are all struggling to get it out, exhausted and disappointed. This is the image of their life. Stuck in dirty truth that they tried to avoid or cover up all their lives with lies.


غول مرحله آخر

قضیه جدی تر از این حرفهاست! دو تا مقاله هر کدوم 10 12 صفحه، یک فیلم کوتاه ، یک انیمیشن، و انبوهی از کارهای ناتمام


یک نکته

جناب هوشیار یوسفی، در ارتباط با پست اخیر بلاگ شما ، اینکه بنده به دلیل تنبلی مفرط در بلاگم از کانسپ شکل دهنده به پروژه هایم نمی نویسم و به تصاویر اکتفا می کنم نباید سبب آن شود که این طرحها را بدون پشتوانه تئوریک و صرفا با رویکردی فرمالیستی بدانید.
همانطور که در کامنتم در بلاگ شما هم گفتم تنها فصل مشترک این دو طرح (پروژه نیویورک و پاریس) در شباهت ظاهری بخشی از آنهاست و بس! و بنده این برداشت شما را - من البته اسمش رو میزارم امضادار شدن یک معمار- درک نمی کنم. به هر حال این موضوع باعث شد تا بخشی از کانسپت پروژه ردهوک نیویورک را در بلاگ بیاورم، امیدوارم مختصر توضیحات کافی باشد

redhook concept (10)

The project is aiming to create an alternative residential typology in the realm of public housing with a 3D circulation system.

I didn’t have enough time to fully develop the design and it would possibly need the time and energy maybe as a PhD research and design project to reach the goals which I was seeking since the beginning, surely not achievable in one semester.

the columns (towers) and the connecting bridges are the infrastructure for this ambitious dream. My studio was about ideas related to infrastructure so it was natural that I had to focus on that. But the nature of the fabric (residential units) is defined within a chaotic looking frame shaped by the parametric scripts which will be answering the various concerns. That is my big next step.

redhook concept (9)

Wind catchers have been traditionally used in dense urban fabrics of middle eastern cities, specially on the coastline as an efficient ventilation system, Gathering the wind and force it inside the building.

As I was designing a dense residential form I thought of using the central heating and cooling system as well as main central ventilation system. I placed this mechanism in the towers which are already acting as columns of the hovering structure.
The ventilation system is designed in the way to gather and force air draft inside the units, additional fans are located in the tubes sucking the air to the units. The solar panels on the roofs which also act as shades produce enough electricity for the fans to operate. There is an exhaust system which force the air out, the negative pressure on the opposite side of the tower with the help of fans suck the air out. The wind catcher system help the natural ventilation in the dense housing system where inner units rarely get wind through windows. The air can be warmed or cooled in the tubes. The wind catchers rotate toward the wind and the distance between them is 50 meters which is enough for disturbances caused in the draft as it hits them.

redhook concept (8)

Zoning and Program: As for the program zoning, the BQE (Brooklyn - Queens Expressway) is transformed to green urban space, lower lever however can be used for highway and cars. Existing buildings and vacant land on the ground will be renovated into public buildings, service areas, parking lots, recreation fields and ware houses. The residential will form the main inner fabric with some necessary retail stores. Some offices, restaurants and cafes are located on the top.

redhook concept (7)

Access Hierarchy: The design is addressing the access hierarchy as well. There is path from city scale and very public to neighborhood courtyards with very private space.