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رئیس دانشکده معماری و شهرسازی کلمبیا , مارک ویگلی

هر هفته جمعه ها ساعت 6 در طبقه 6 ساختمان معماری پارتی داریم، این پوستر این هفته پارتی هستش! فکر کنم اگه همچین کاری تو ایران بکنین دیگه باید قید ادامه تحصیل رو بکل بزنین


as for the american presidential debate

mr obama and mccane, it is not republican guards! it is islamic revolution guards! I wish they would do a little research to know what the fuck is going on in the middle east!


learning processing

I used to compete with my friend Ahad and his mom, Connie over Tetris game in late 90's in Mashhad! now I want to design a Tetris game with processing scripting to see if my laptop can beat our records!
link to download processing
link to scripts


little miracles

داشتم رادیو زمانه گوش می دادم، مزدک این عکسو گذاشت تو بلاگش، منو گرفت! گذاشتمش رو دسکتاپ، داشتم فکر می کردم اصل شعر به فارسی چی بوده، دیدم آهنگ رادیو زمانه داره همون شعر و می خونه


Interactive surfaces - rhino scripting

the goal of this scripting algorithmic design by rhino-script was to design an interactive 2 -layered surface which reacts to various attractors in the defined specific ways. in this example the cells react by the change in the color and size due to their distance from the interactive s.
by Sina Mesdaghi,Paola Marquez
for the class of "algorithmic design + emergent affects 2008_summer Columbia "


دنیا داره برام کوچیک میشه

دیروز روز جالبی بود. سر یه کارگاه روانشناسی کنار یه ایسلندی نشسته بودم. بعد با یه اسرائیلی راجع به اینکه اسمم عبری هست یا نه بحث کردم، با یه آلمانی و یه آمریکایی احوال پرسی کردم و بعد با یه مکزیکی دست دادم، تو آسانسور با یه ایتالیایی و یه تایوانی بودم و در آتلیه به هم گروهی هام که یونانی و پاکستانی بودن ملحق شدم. همه این اتفاق ها تو ده دقیقه افتاد

the revolution we don't know!

communist women (fadayee) lining up for military exercise in Tehran University -1979, by Allen Keller

I have always been interested in history. my highest grades in school has always been in history classes. recently I am conducting a self-motivated photo research about Iranian 79 revolution. as I brows photos more and more I feel that many pages of Iranian recent history is missing. I am not a historian and I don't want to be one, but at least I want to know what has happened to Iran in the last 4 decades. we are 30 years ahead of the revolution now so I think it is a perfect time for historians to begin gathering data and theorize what happened to this nation 30 years ago as even inside Iran the regime more or less looks at the revolution as a historic matter rather than ideological incident.


Politics and Chess

یادش به خیر، با صاحب‏خانه‏ی اسرائیلی‏ام گاه‏گاهی شطرنج بازی می‏کردم.یک بار بعد از اینکه مرا شکست داد گفت:بازی شطرنج ایران و اسرائیل بازی تک مهره‏های باقی مانده است، اسرائیل با تک مهره‏ی وزیرش (آمریکا) بازی می‏کند و ایران با دو سرباز (حماس و حزب‏الله).اگر شطرنج‏باز باشی می‏دانی که در یک صفحه‏ی خالی دو سرباز تحت حمایت سنگین شاه به راحتی یک شاه و وزیر را مات می‏کند.

از وبلاگ مطرود

این شطرنج ویندوز ویستا منو بدجوری آلوده خودش کرده


columbia tragedy - bernard tschumi and I

finally mr. tschumi showed up in his joined studio with enrique walker. and my team and I presented our one week research to them. what a disaster! our presentation was a complete catastrphy. I hope next time we do better. there is a huge amount of stress on me these days, I hope I survive.

Photo: Columbia University on 9/11

NYPD blocked streets next to Columbia

live screen in Columbia campus covered the presidential candidates lectures

Raphaelle from France photographs
the street chess players, near Columbia campus

students, mainly Obama fans, waiting for his speech at Columbia campus

jewish students at columbia wait for candidates speech

anti-war protesters infront of columbia campus entrance

barak obama as seen in the live screen of columbia campus,
the students were maily disappointed by his words tonight.

"spiderman" on the live screen of columbia campus, on 9/11 anniversary

president of columbia university lectures on live screen of
columbia campus, his face is familiar for iranians!

antiwar protester

barak obama and john mccain showed up today in columbia university in the anniversty of 9/11, there was enermous police and security presents. the candidates refused to come to students. they joined the debate behind closed doors. during the program the audio went off so many times, reminding of "Forrest Gump" movie! students cheered for obama and booed maccane in several occasions. obama's approach to center left has brought critizm for him among manily liberal and leftist US scholars.



mark wigley, dean of GSAPP, lecturing in his history of architecture class

Lebbeus Woods Lectured in GSAPP

Architecture should not be judged simply by the quality of problems it solves,
but by the quality of problems it creates.
Lebbeus Woods


another poem

There is no room

For tears anymore

It is all joy,

the word defeat is missing

in my vocabulary

it is all glory,

proudly conquering the dreams

I am wearing my armor

of immortality,

still banging my head

to the wall

just to make sure

it is not a dream,

Sept 7 08



oo dar shahri kochak dar jazireyee kochak dar jonobe kore be donya amad. tahsilate ebtedayee va dabirestan ra dar haman shahr be payan resand, sepas be sarbazi raft va be khedmate artesh dar amad, ama az artesh birun amade va be daneshgah seul raft va mohandesi michanik khand, badaz fareghu tahsil shodan, ham classi hayash hame shoghl motabari dar karkhanejat kore peyda kardand ama oo be zadgahash bargasht. pedare oo dar san'ate KIM ke esme famileshan ham az an mi amad fa'aliat mikard, kim nooyee giahe daryayee ast ke dar sushi estefade mishavad, pedar borozrg va pedare pedar bozorg va ... oo ham dar in sanat bode and. Ann Mo 2 sal dar shahre kochakeshan dar jazire kochakeshan mahi giri kard! doostan oon ezdevaj kardand va bache dar shodand. Ann Mo ama shad nabood, oon nemikhast baghie omrash mahi giri konad, baraye daneshgah columbia apply kard va paziresh greft va... ANN MO , daneshjoo PhD emruz dar LAB RICHARD AXEL, (2004 noble prize winner) dar zamine advanced Neuroscience fa'aliat mikonad. oo hamkhaneye man ast!


KELISHE HA (1) - fonte farsim kar nemikone

u r born an original, don't die a copy! ... but how?

raje be proje mooze shahre new york man bahsayee shode bood az sooye bazi az doostan, az jomle sohbate mahdi bakhshian , negahe faraz va belakhare tashbihe aghaye yousefi ke man fek mikonam ke niaze ke mozo ye kam baz beshe.

ghabl az harfaye khodam be bahsi ke dar REVIEW ya hamoon joojman khodemun pish umad eshare konam ke yeki az asatid (enrique walker, director of AAD proogram) goft ke continues surface ghadimi shode va dige hich jazabiati nadare, va yeki dige az asatid dar tayeede bahse nafare ghabli takid kard ke "it is all old fashioned" va khob man ba labkhand javab dadam ke "thats exactly what I wanted the project to be, old fashioned!!!"

man entezare kheily bishtari az paytakhte jahan (bazi migan ino behar hal, bahsesh be kenar) dashtam, vaghean entezare didane memari gharn e bistom ro nadashtam, be bayane dige "everything seemed old fashioned". streets, metro, people, buildings, and ...

"I desinged their museum, not my ideal" moozeyee ke man tarahi kardam joda az idea hayee ke baraye baft shahri moterakem NY matrah mikard (manand eshghale fazahaye khali joda oftade balaye sakhtemoon haye kotah martabe) va idea haye amalkardi (dar bakhshe ketabkhane va tafkike bakhshe negahdari ketab ha va salone motale'e va tarife yek fazaye dynamic va shadab be jaye fazaye mordeye ketabkhane haye mojod) yek bayaniye mohkam bood ke HOKOMATE KELISHE HA dar zendegy roozmare shahri be name new york. tarkibe 4 kelishe: continues surface, vertical musem, transmitting surfaces and ramp museum dar kenare ham , va ijad degargoonii dar tak tak in kelishe ha dar kol va joz be nazare man be toolide tarhi jadid anjamid. moozeyee ke shabihe hichkodam az kelishe haye zekr shode nabood ama dar daroon khod kenayeyee bood be hokomate kelishe ha dar amrika. mooze man gharar bood tarikhe nime dovome gharn bistom va dahe aval gharn bisto yekom ra shamel shavad, dar vaghe moozeyee ke tarahi kardam . monument e doreye az tarikhe New York ast ke Bayad be payan beresad!

danestane kelishe ha, be kar greftan anha ba agahi tanha rahe goriz az anhast.dar bare kelishe ha dar memari harf ziad daram ke sare forsat inja minvisam. mozoe tarhe in termam aslan hamin ast... kelishe ha! albate studio ma (enrique walker) va studio bernard tschumi hardo ba mozoe INHUMAN ARCHITECTURE, DESIGNING A ZOO! shoro shodan ama man motmaenam ke dar studio ma subject bahaneyee bish nis. baz ham sharmande ke fonte farsim kar nemikone.


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