photography: trip to chicago (2)

downtown chicago view from the sky deck of sears tower

Picasso sculpture in downtown chicago

robie house, Chicago by Frank L.Wright

robie house, Chicago by Frank L.Wright

downtown chicago

sears tower, tallest building in america

american city scape from the sky deck of sears tower
the urban infinity

Illinois senator barak obama from south of chicago

a sculpture in the campus of university of chicago

amazing collection of ancient civilizations in University of Chicago museum

a kid being dragged by her father, chicago city train

mies sculpture in his building designed for
Illinois institute of technology, architecture department

photography: trip to chicago (1)

ad. for a TV show in Chicago downtown bus stop

Chicago millennium park plaza by Frank Gehry

Chicago millennium park plaza by Frank Gehry

marina towers, Chicago downtown

Chicago millennium park water plaza

Chicago millennium park ,
Kapoor Sculpture on SBC Plaza (Cloud Gate), the bean

new york, museum of modern art MoMA

photography - NY life (4)

artists performing in Manhattan (original shot by A.Ahmadian)

Patric from Puerto Rico and his wife and Megen from Nebraska
celebrate Patric's 32nd birthday

Katerina from Southern Siberia, Russia poses for a photo in Manhattan

Daniya from Pakistan is exhausted by studio work at GSAPP, Columbia Univ. Manhattan

Masaki from Japan works on his studio project at GSAPP, Columbia Univ. Manhattan

Spanish student is studying in Avery Library GSAPP, Columbia Univ. Manhattan
Avery is said to be the largest Architecture library in the world

Frank L. Wright's Guggenheim Museum, Manhattan (photo by A.Ahmadian)

toward the future

Beside the technological issue, the user has also faced a radical transformation in everyday life style since mid 90’s. Citizens of 21th century are experiencing a rapid transformation in every tiny detail of their everyday experience of universe. The growth and development of communication technology had undeniable effects on metropolis life style in every aspect, such as leisure and entertainment, commerce, education and culture. A new investigation is required on Architecture’s new social rule in 21th century metropolis and housing projects specifically provide the most appropriate research opportunity in this field of study. They may also come up with innovative solutions for future urban fabric as Safdie’s Habitat was in pursue of. Realization of a revolutionary concept for 21th century urban fabric may arise from the Architectural theory which can be generated by a constructive combination of latest achievements in digital design techniques such as generic architecture and scripting methods with understanding the social issues in the age of communications.

from sina mesdaghi's article "lessons from habitat" for Metropolis and After, AAD summer 2008


Architecture theory: Lessons from Habitat

By Sina Mesdaghi for "Metropolis, and After" Instructed by Enrique Walker, GSAPP 2008

“A work of architecture must give expression to the life for which it was intended; it must not only competently satisfy the requirements of the program, but its form should resonate with the diverse spaces and activities it contains.”


Besides all positive and negative critiques, Habitat ’67 is a realized mega‐structure among numerous unrealized concepts in 60’s and therefore remains as an important case study figure in understanding mega‐structure Architecture in practice. Habitat is a building, but it is also a demonstration of an idea; a hybrid building, a different answer to controversial issue of housing projects in the globe. Habitat improves on apartment living by providing each home with an exterior front door, a variety of views, and a large outdoor terrace ‐ for everyone a penthouse - and it counters suburban sprawl by stacking houses one on top of another ...


the red balloon

I have seen this before on Iranian TV. the movie : red-balloon (1962)

a short cut

I. the final movie is too heavy to upload, this is a snap shot.

II. the jury liked the idea but called my continues surfaces
"old fashioned"!

III. the life is moving so fast around me that sometimes
I desperately need to push the pause bottom!


goodzilla V gidora

poster: school version
poster: student version
the discussion between peter eisenman and mark wigley,
dean of GSAPP about performance


architecture: museum of nyc

rhino, sketchup, 3dmax و photoshop
و من دست به دست هم دادیم تا این تصویر خلق شد


photography - the weekend walk in the city

columbia campus
NYPD in times square, downtown new york
sunday market, downtown new york
a musician in new york subway
sunday market near campus
About 56,000 people became infected with HIV in the past year in US-cnn
downtown manhattan, new york
a video store near campus
downtown, new york
anti-war protest on iran in times square

mr. nobave (!) from irib reporting the antiwar protest for

iran's channel 1, 9 o'clock news from times square