what do my friends remind me of

faraz: Tehran's friday bazaar
mahmud.f: ambitions
sara.n: water color painting
mamad.kh: books
soroor.n: souvenirs!
ayat.sh: unsatisfactory
arash.a: treason
ali.h: talent
andrea.z: a hand in the hair
anna maria.m: reasons
diego.f: sasanids
nima.b: injuries
sohrab: absolute vodka
behnaz.m: lust
skizo: smile
mahsa.a: mentus gum
shahrzad: beauty
jalal.m: cartoons
sahand.kh: snickers
hesam.p: easiness
mehdi.b: makeup
ahm: cell phone
ali.n: مرام
ghazal.n: paradox
k1.s: خیلی دور خیلی نزدیک


the rebellion

far beyond of that tiny window

of that room of that house

now pouring in anger

in these streets of our city

that river of frustration

formed by drops of tears

of me and you

all the shouts silenced

captive in our throat

all the words we shared

with our wet pillows

never went in vein

never vanished within

those walls of oppression

I see the shattered walls

I see the voices released

In this rebellion of minds

demanding humanity

it’s not about me anymore

sharing the common memory

of all those tiny smiles

of all paths of pain

following the united voices

leading us to these squares

we shall conquer today

Sina Mesdaghi

August 05 09